Electro-Static and Fogging Disinfecting Service

As businesses prepare to reopen after the coronavirus outbreak, it is advisable to get a disinfection service conducted at your facility prior to doors-open and your employees return.

There is still not enough data to know how long the coronavirus COVID-19 lives on surfaces, it ranges from hours to days on different materials according to the CDC, and you want to help assure the health and safety of your customers and employees upon their return.


Disinfecting services use a disinfectant which is any chemical that destroys or irreversibly inactivates microorganisms on surfaces. Simply put, electrostatic sprayers & fogging apply a small electric charge to liquid droplets just as they exit the spray device. These charged droplets are attracted to surfaces like a magnet, resulting in highly uniform coverage of the spray. Surfaces out of the line of sight are also covered due to the attractive charge applied to the spray droplets.

Disinfecting services are viable until a surface comes into contact with human touch or fluids, so if you can guarantee no one is going to your business during your state’s stay-at-home period, it is beneficial to jump on these services prior to the expected rush once the orders are lifted.

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